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Active Nation: Adding Value With Nutrition Complete






Executive Summary

Active Nation deliver more value for their members by providing both a complete exercise programme and, utilising TRP’s Nutrition Complete, healthy eating experience. The focal point of their marketing efforts, Active Nutrition (Active Nation’s white-labelled version of Nutrition Complete) allows Active Nation to support their members’ healthy lifestyles both in and away from their facilities; extending their reach, strengthening the club/member relationship and providing them more tools to help their members achieve their goals.


About the Client

Active Nation are a registered charity with the core mission ‘to persuade the nation to be active’. The operator runs 15 facilities across England, from leisure centres to alpine snow sports centres, and is constantly looking to expand its footprint in order to make a difference in more people’s lives.


The Challenge

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), in 2014 39% of the world’s population were overweight. Recognising the role they could play in changing this for the better, Active Nation understood that they needed to support their members with diet as well as fitness so they could achieve the healthy lifestyle they wanted.

Before the introduction of Active Nutrition, this is something they were unable to efficiently and effectively deliver. Their members, who they refer to as ‘Supporters’, were having to look elsewhere for the nutritional information and support they desired. Not only was this an inconvenience for them, but it was also often expensive and some members couldn’t justify this extra financial outlay.


The Solution

In 2015, Active Nation sought a solution to this problem and in November of the same year they decided to work with The Retention People to launch Nutrition Complete; an online meal planning system designed to support club members in the pursuit of their health and fitness goals. Active Nation white-labelled the program as Active Nutrition. Active Nutrition gives Active Nation the capability to offer their members much more value from their membership and has become a unique selling point when attracting new members; allowing the operator to differentiate themselves from others in the market. Active Nutrition is accessed by members both in and away from their club, enabling Active Nation to provide a greater level of support than previously possible, strengthening the club/member relationship in the process.

With Active Nutrition, Active Nation’s members can now easily create delicious tailored weekly healthy meal plans, getting the ingredients delivered directly to their door by their favourite supermarket.


The Results

Active Nutrition provides Active Nation’s ‘Supporters’ with 3 key benefits which enhance their experience as members at no additional cost to them:


“It allows supporters to make more informed decisions about their lifestyle. Instead of seeing food as just an opportunity to re-fuel, it becomes more of a decision to fuel your body with the right balance of nutrition that it needs. In turn that is going to help you reach your exercise goals quicker.” (Stuart Martin, Managing Director)

Convenience and Value

“Most people who focus on weight management will get their exercise and nutrition guidance from two separate providers, most likely going to their local gym for exercise and then separately going to a weight management group for the nutritional advice. Usually that means double the cost! Active Nutrition has helped us to reduce that cost for supporters, and make that level of support more attainable for people, especially those limited by income. Now you can get all the support, guidance and access to sport, exercise and nutrition that you’d need from one provider.” (Stuart Martin, Managing Director)

Motivation and Support

“Active Nutrition has become a key part of our campaigning and retention processes. It’s a great tool to add value to our offering at point of sale, and it’s integral to our retention approach too. Having that extra structured support outside of the four walls of a leisure centre helps supporters to stay on the right track to achieving their goals; keeping them motivated and allowing them to see their progress. It also means that when they come in to the centre, we have a great focus for conversations on the gym floor.” (Stuart Martin, Managing Director)

Active Nation has made Active Nutrition the main feature of their membership marketing campaigns, promoting the service via multiple channels. In April 2016, Active Nutrition was announced as a Finalist in the ukactive Flame Awards 2016 Spark of Innovation category.

Strengthen Your Relationship With Your Members and Help Them Achieve Their Goals by Offering Them a Complete Exercise and Nutrition Solution

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