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SIV: Net Promoter Score® and Mystery Visits






About the Client

Operating leisure, golf and entertainment facilities – including the 12,500 capacity Sheffield Arena – SIV is part of the not-for-profit Sheffield City Trust. Formed in 1990, the operator has invested a whopping £50m into improving its facilities to date.


The Challenge

As a not-for-profit with charity status, SIV feels a strong obligation to deliver exceptional experiences to the people they serve. The challenge they, and many other organisations like them, face is knowing where to allocate their finite financial, human and time resources to ensure they efficiently and effectively achieve this.


The Solution

Supported in their delivery of exceptional customer experiences by TRP’s Engage suite of tools, one of SIV’s key customer experience strategies is a focus on listening to the voice of their members to drive key business decisions using complete customer feedback system Insight NPS®.

“As an organisation, any profit we earn is reinvested right back into our members. It is incredibly important to this process that we can clearly understand where within our estate that money will make the biggest difference to the lives of our customers. Regular feedback gained through Insight NPS®, coupled with mystery visits from ‘Passives’, allows us to confidently assign spend where it matters most.” (Steve Gibson, Assistant Service Delivery Manager)

Through utilisation of Insight NPS® SIV has created a strong, ongoing stream of actionable member feedback, (at time of publication) seeing an average of over 600 responses per month.

They use this feedback in a variety of ways; from tweaking everyday service delivery to major investments in facility improvements – such as the multi-million-pound revamp of their Ponds Forge gym.

One of the standout elements from SIV’s member experience strategy is their ingenious leveraging of ‘Passives’ (customers rating their likeliness of recommending their club to friends and family as 7 or 8 out of 10).

Identified as a group who are neither unhappy nor thrilled by their experience of SIV, ‘Passives’ are a prime group of people to provide honest, level-headed views of a visit to your facility. SIV engage these members by inviting them to join their mystery visit programme; conducting detailed reviews of the trust’s facilities to supplement NPS®. Mystery visitors feel re-engaged with the club community, and SIV gets quality, in-depth feedback about their centres.


The Results

SIV has seen some great results across multiple areas of their member experience.

Increased Pool of Mystery Visitors

“We have run a mystery visit programme for many years now, but until we started leveraging our ‘Passive’ members in Insight NPS® we never quite managed to scale it up to the level we’d have liked to. TRP’s system has given us the ability to identify a prime group of members to conduct quality mystery visits – growing our pool of undercover shoppers by 1500% in just a matter of months!” (Steve Gibson, Assistant Service Delivery Manager)

Increased Net Promoter Score®

“Since launching the new Insight NPS® system in September 2016, we have increased our customer loyalty score by 31%!” (Steve Gibson, Assistant Service Delivery Manager)

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