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Our user-friendly software is designed to support all aspects of the member experience to enable you to deliver exceptional customer service and create raving fans of your business.

Built and maintained by our in-house development team, we are constantly adding new features to ensure our customers are equipped to succeed at the forefront of service delivery excellence.

Supported by world-class coaching, consultancy and training, all our modules integrate seamlessly with each other and your member management system to create an intelligent, robust suite which will effortlessly become an integral part of your club’s everyday service delivery.


Actionable Member Feedback

Create an army of free sales people to drive referrals, improve sales and increase concessionary spend.

Proactively Ask, Analyse and Act On What Is Important to Your Members.

Insight is a full feedback solution centering on the Net Promoter Score® customer loyalty system.


  • One Simple Question: Get to the heart of how your members feel about your club with just one simple question which takes seconds to answer
  • Automated Surveys: A consistent flow of timely, actionable feedback
  • Specific, Targeted Feedback: With surveys automatically triggered by a club visit* or conversation with a member of staff**

*Integrated customers only **Integrated customers with 'Interact' only


  • Extensive Reporting: Take control of member loyalty with in-depth reporting which enables you to confidently make key business decisions
  • Automated Text Analytics: Discover trends in what your members are truly thinking about at a glance
  • Benchmarking: Compare your performance with other clubs in your chain, region and industry


  • Close The Loop: Systematically address your members’ needs to improve your business
  • Social Sharing: Generate a buzz by quickly and easily sharing the views of your raving fans online
  • Take Control: Manage your team to respond and react effectively to all feedback by assigning personal follow-up so nobody ‘slips through the net’
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Target, Connect, Refine

10,000 members told us that… 87% want to be spoken with by fitness staff, but only 37% regularly are.

Target the members who are most important to you and proactively manage your staff to deliver quality interactions to:

  • Improve loyalty and retention
  • Increase sales
  • Drive concessionary spend


Choose the specific group you want to identify that are in your club right now:

  • Trial members
  • Special membership groups e.g. new members or premium members
  • High risk members (using TRP’s exclusive ’Risk of Dropout’ Algorithm)


Arm your staff with the relevant member history, talking points and knowledge they need to:

  • Engage in meaningful conversations which strengthen the club/member relationship
  • Convert trial members to new members
  • Upsell additional services and generate referrals


Improve experience and performance with in-depth reporting and analytics:

  • Evaluate quantity, quality and effectiveness of interactions across your team to intelligently inform service delivery strategy
  • Build on best practice to add more value to membership by strengthening relationships
  • Manage individual performance to raise standards
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Automate, Execute, Customise

10,000 members told us that… 66% want to be emailed, but only 45% are (but they need to be personal and relevant!)

Automated, behaviour triggered communication journeys to keep members engaged with your club.

Quickly and easily inform members of your latest news, run promotions, generate referrals and increase sales.


  • Fully Integrated; Digital ‘plugs’ straight into your club management system and uses real-time data, removing the need for painful and complicated manual data processing
  • Intelligent electronic member journeys based on attendance and activity triggers so you always send the right email to the right person at the right time


  • Get started with a selection of core journeys based on our research and experience of sending millions of emails to engage members
  • Choose from a range of HTML email templates to ensure your messages look great!


  • Create your own automated journeys tailored to your offering and membership base. Promote group exercise, personal training or sporting activities to drive engagement and concessionary spend
  • Use a combination of Email and SMS to deliver your message in the most effective format for your members
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Nutrition Complete
Nutrition Complete

Weight Management and Meal Planning Software

You can’t out run a bad diet… Weight loss is 75% nutrition and 25% exercise…

Why Nutrition Complete?

  • Drive revenue through premium nutrition memberships and courses.
  • Fill the void in nutritional advice on offer from many fitness operators.
  • Provide additional expertize and support for your members to help them achieve their objectives.

What is Nutrition Complete?

  • An intelligent user-friendly program that creates personalized healthy meal plans to help members reach their weight management goals.
  • Customised to meet objectives and reflect food preferences, allergies or dietary restrictions.
  • Automatic creation of shopping baskets of ingredients for the user’s meal plans
  • Dashboards to monitor member progress and allow trainers to offer additional motivation.

How do you incorporate Nutrition Complete?

  • Hosted online so no investment in server infrastructure is needed.
  • Integrates seamlessly with your member management software so no need to change your existing system or manage complex data transfer.
  • White label; meaning you can apply your branding to really make the product your own.
  • Include in your memberships to add more value or create a new revenue stream with paid for membership.
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CLUBCOUNT™ Powered by Les Mills

Group Exercise Management

CLUBCOUNT™ Powered by Les Mills is an online group exercise management solution that replaces outdated and time consuming data collection and reporting processes. It is entirely web based so your information is available on demand and you will never require any in-house technical support or expertise. In addition, CLUBCOUNT is much more secure than transferring this business critical performance data into Excel files.

Online Timetable

Timetable creation tool for easy administration and updating of timetables with clear and consistent time-slots. The sleek and modern timetable design is customisable and can be seamlessly embedded into your website. It is mobile optimised for smartphones. Real time updates guarantee the most up-to-date online timetable for your members.

Efficient Reporting

Under-performing classes and timeslots are easy to identify with a traffic light reporting system, based on key success criteria such as attendance targets and cost per head. Reports can be based on individual programmes, classes, timeslots, instructors and much more to give a clear indication of your overall group exercise performance.

Budgeting & Payroll

Clear and easy to follow budget setting, enabling you to maximise your return from your group exercise schedule. Simple to use instructor payroll management system – no more payroll headaches! Constant visibility of your room budgets and key metrics whilst scheduling.

CLUBCOUNT Powered by Les Mills is provided in partnership between Les Mills and The Retention People. The software is available directly from TRP or, for Les Mills customers, through your local Les Mills’ business development specialist. Please let us know if you are a Les Mills customer when making an enquiry.

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Customer Experience Management Training
Customer Experience Management Training

Customer Experience Management Training From Our Expert Team

TRP offer a range of training programmes, from soft skills training to ensure that your teams are delivering fantastic customer service to your members, through to strategic sessions to develop high-level retention strategies.

On-Site Interaction Training Workshop

Fantastic service and memorable member experiences start with interactions between staff and customers. Learn how to ensure you and your teams make the most of every opportunity to impress your customers.

Delivery: 1-day course. In person as a practical workshop at your own venue.

Advanced Interaction Training Workshop

A practical educational workshop in advanced interaction skills and improved understanding of habits and behaviour change principles.

Delivery: 1-day course. In person as a practical workshop at your own venue.

Train the Trainer Workshop

Designed to equip customers who wish to provide on-going support and development for their team themselves. Key members of staff will learn and practice the skills required to deliver one to one and group interaction training on-site with both new starters and as a refresher for the existing team.

Delivery: 2-days training. In person as a practical workshop at your own venue.

Customer Experience – Managing Team Performance

Do you have all the tools to deliver great customer service, but struggle to focus, manage and develop your teams towards fantastic performance? This session will equip you with the skills to create highly performing teams.

Delivery: 1-day course. In person as a practical workshop at your own venue.

Bespoke Training Workshops

As customer experience management experts we can work with you to design a training solution tailored to the needs of your business, whether it’s adapting an existing course or creating something completely new. Our systematic approach covers everything from scoping, to creation and delivery, right through to evaluation.

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