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5 Tips to Ensure You Get the Most Value Out of Your Next Industry Event

Written by Craig McIntyre

TRP Retention Coach Craig McIntyre shares his top 5 tips for getting the most out of industry events.


1. Understand what’s happening (when and where)

Ensure you have reviewed the speaker or exhibitor lists and timetables. Make a plan of what you want to see and when, and make sure it is practical to get from one session to the next in the amount of time you have if it is a big event.


2. Get your team involved

If you can’t attend all of the sessions or stands you want to, bring a colleague and divide and conquer! In the breaks or on your journey home you can catch up with each other and share what you learned; meaning you get double the value from your day.


3. Present what you have learned to the rest of your team

As much as you’d like to send all of your team members to an event, it’s just not possible. But they don’t have to miss out. Ask those attending to be prepared to present their learnings to their colleagues when they return – this will not just benefit staff who couldn’t attend the event but it will also help those presenting truly understand the topics they are discussing.


4. Don’t dismiss information

It is important to go into an event with an open mind, willing to listen and prepared to challenge yourself on what your club currently delivers; that’s how we learn. Don’t let yourself be the person saying “But that won’t work for us because…!” Think of different ways you could apply ideas to your specific situation, or use the advice as a reminder of best practice.


5. What’s going to change?

If you were to follow only one of these tips please make it this one. Write down what you are going to do differently as a result of the event you attended before you leave to go home. As with all of the goals you set this should be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely). Make sure you tell someone else what your plan is and hold yourself accountable.