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5 Top Tips For Increasing the Number of Promoters in Your Club

Written by James Charles.

Taking the latest research findings into the relationship between member communication and loyalty from our partnership with esteemed academic, Dr Melvyn Hillsdon, we have written up the five key takeaways we think you should be implementing to increase the number of Promoters in your club.


As per the Net Promoter Score® system, used to measure loyalty in the study, a Promoter is defined as a member who gives a score of 9 or 10 in answer to the question ‘On a Scale of 0 – 10 (with 0 being not at all likely and 10 being extremely likely), How Likely Is It That You Would Recommend Your Club to a Friend or Colleague?’

As the high score suggests, Promoters are often your ‘raving fans’ who will typically stay longer (If all members were Promoters, 17% of cancellations each year would be prevented), spend more and share their love for your club with friends, family, colleagues and the online world. So it is in your best interests to create as many in your club as you possibly can!

Based on our research, here are our 5 top tips for increasing the number of Promoters in your club:


1. Tailor Communication Channels

Tailor Communication Channels

Tailor communication channels to specific member groups where possible (namely face-to-face communications, email, telephone and SMS). This is particularly important for male members, who our research shows have differing preferences dependent on length of membership, visit frequency and age.

Tailored Automated Email and SMS Member Journeys with Digital >


2. Don’t Undervalue Time Spent Talking to Members

Don't Undervalue Time Spent Talking to Members

Maintaining an ongoing conversation with your customers is as important as ensuring your changing rooms are clean. Keep operational hassles to a minimum and use communication to delight members and overcome those issues you can’t resolve. Receiving just 2 channels of communication is shown to remove the negative impact on the likeliness of being a Promoter that a single bad club experience can create.

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3. Encourage Your Fitness Team to Talk to Male Members

Encourage Your Fitness Team to Talk to Male Members

There is a gap between the proportion of male and female members receiving face-to-face interactions on the gym floor. According to our research, only 33% of male members report speaking with fitness staff compared to 43% of females. Male members who receive fitness staff communication are 2.4 times as likely to be Promoters than those who don’t. Across the board, there is a great opportunity to increase face-to-face in-club interactions for all members, both male and female.

Effective, Targeted Interactions on the Gym-Floor with Interact >


4. Create a Comprehensive Communications Plan

Create a Comprehensive Communications Plan

Develop a comprehensive and varied communications plan which is maintained for the life of the membership. Social media and fitness staff interaction are particularly powerful channels (across all member groups) which should be a focal point of your strategy.


5. Harness the Power of Social Media

Harness the Power of Social Media

Social media has been shown to increase the chances of a member being a Promoter 3-fold compared to not receiving interaction via the channel! Get all your members following you on your channels and ensure you are regularly posting engaging content that adds value. Make it part of the onboarding process to share the links to your social media pages with new starters so they have access to your online community from day one.

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