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9 Ideas to Improve Your Business During the COVID-19 Downtime

Written by James Charles, Julie Allen, Mark Lewis, and Sophie Adams.

With the overall feeling across the world right now understandably one of uncertainty and businesses of all shapes and sizes feeling the squeeze, we think it’s important to look for positives wherever you can.


We have no doubt you are all desperate to have your facilities open again. The strain this is causing on you, your members, and, ultimately, TRP as a partner, is significant. A key positive to grab hold of though is your new-found time to invest in those behind-the-scenes jobs you never quite had the bandwidth to do whilst your doors were open.

Let’s use the next however many weeks to our advantage; to ensure we are in an even better position when it comes to reopening than we were before this horrible situation was even a thought in our minds.

Here are some important exercises you could be completing over the coming weeks to optimise your business for a successful return:


1. Refresh Your Mailings

One of the joys of automated email and SMS is that, for the most part, you can set it and forget it! Instead, focusing on the in-club experience and engaging with your members. This does however come with a caveat. You do need to check in every now and then as time goes by to ensure your messages are still performing well, on-brand, factually accurate, and align with your current strategy.

With your strategy following the COVID-19 outbreak likely to be different from what you were doing before, now is a great time to do a comprehensive review of all your mailings in Digital and your closed-loop follow-ups in Insight to ensure they are supporting this new direction.


2. Keep Your Company Culture Thriving

We would highly recommend getting all your team members, furloughed or not, into Digital so you can keep in touch via weekly emails and text messages to ensure they continue to feel part of your team during this anxious and uncertain time and are ready and raring to hit the ground running when the time comes to open your doors again.

Using Insight to send ‘how are you doing’ surveys is a great idea too! You’ll be able to gauge the mood and use this to inform the aforementioned Digital texts and emails, as well as identifying individual concerns which you can address accordingly.

Now more than ever, it is so important to make your team feel like a family.

How to add your staff into Digital and Insight >


3. Review Membership Group Config

Any system we use is only as good as the data we feed into it. Over time your membership structure can change and if you do not reflect these changes in Interact, Digital, and Insight they may become out of date.

Now is a great time to review the membership groups you have set up in these systems to ensure they are not lagging behind your member management system.

How to manage membership groups >


4. Review Tag Groups

What are your tag groups in Insight looking like?

If they have previously taken a backseat, now is a great time to invest in getting them spot on to increase the value of the data the system is outputting, allowing you to make better decisions.

This will be a big win when survey responses start flying in again.

How to manage Tag Groups in Insight >


5. Data Analysis

Grab yourself and cuppa and a chocolate biscuit and take a deep dive into your data. Whether it is drilling down to view an individual team member’s performance in Interact, click through rates for your emails within Digital, or key trend analysis within Insight, you have a wealth of data at your fingertips to support the creation of your re-opening strategy.

Here are some of our favourite reports:

  • Response Tag Groups (Insight) – as mentioned earlier, tag groups are extremely valuable to have set up well in your system. The Response Tag Groups report shows you positive, negative, and neutral tag mentions as colour-coded bars so you can quickly and easily see the areas of your business which are doing great and those which need more attention before you re-open.
  • NPS® Report (Insight) – Sometimes the simplest reports are the best and this one is a prime example. View how your Net Promoter Score® has changed over time overall, and by gender, membership type, member status, age group, and tag groups. What are the trends and how can you improve them?
  • Interaction Dashboard (Interact) – The Interaction Dashboard shows you whether your team are talking about the things that really matter. For instance, if your strategy is to drive 50% of members towards health MOTs the Interaction Dashboard will show you, at-a-glance, how many of these conversations have taken place and, most importantly, how effective these conversations have been.
  • Instructor Dashboard (Interact) – Your Instructor Dashboard is excellent for supporting 1:1s with your team. The visual report clearly displays how an individual is performing and enables you to quickly identify areas for development.
  • Email Report (Digital) – Your email report provides data on how mailings have performed. This can be by location or, for large operators, by region.
  • Bounced Report (Digital) – A handy report for keeping your email addresses up to date is the Bounced Report. The Bounced Report creates a csv containing member email addresses which Digital hasn’t been able to deliver a message to due to a ‘bounce’. You can use this intel to proactively reach out to these members to ensure you hold up-to-date information for them, so they don’t miss out on hearing from you going forwards.


6. Create Your Re-Opening Survey

How you welcome back your members after their time away is super-important. We know you and your awesome team will greet them with open arms in-club but what about your digital provision?

You could build a one-off re-opening survey in Insight to send to members who have exercised with you in the first 2 – 4 weeks of your return to business as usual, to find out how they are feeling about getting back to their workout routine and what you can do to settle them back in to it.

When it comes to your ongoing relational survey, cleanliness is going to be more important than ever. To show that you are on top of this, why not add an additional question specifically about the hygiene levels of your facility?


7. Setup Region-Based Reporting in Interact

Large multi-site operators may wish to enable region-based reporting within their Interact software so that they can see, on a territory-by-territory basis, how groups of sites are performing against each other, over time.

Contact your coach for guidance on how to set this up >


8.Optimise Your Interaction Types

As standard, Interact comes with the following ‘Interaction Types’ set up for you:

  • Build Rapport
  • Next Workout
  • Group Exercise

But, did you know you can add more?

Help your team have the right conversations with members by setting up your own custom interaction types.

We think this will be particularly useful in the days and weeks after your re-opening.

As programme reviews will likely be a focus for a large proportion of members who may have lost their way a little over the Spring, you can create a ‘Programme Review’ interaction type to prompt your instructors to cover this topic when they are chatting with members.

Something as simple as a ‘Welcome Back’ interaction type could remind your team to greet each member with a warm welcome, to make them feel at home after such a long time away.

It is also worth reviewing your existing interaction types to ensure they are set up how you want them to be as you may not have tweaked them since we initially launched your system many moons ago.

You can adjust the order in which your interaction types appear when selecting from the drop down so that your new ones are at the top, front-of-mind

How to create a new interaction type in Interact and put it at the top of the selection list >

Also, don’t forget, we know from our extensive research that commitment type interactions, where a member says they will return within the following 7 days, are 15% more effective at making this a reality – a great tool to support members to re-establish their exercise habits!


9. Set Up Signpost

Did you know that you can target more than just your high-risk members with Interact?

Using our ‘Signpost’ functionality, you can identify individuals on the gym-floor by membership type too.

For example, you will want to be giving your trial members that special attention they need to convert into full paying members and your premium members the VIP treatment they have paid for.

Contact your coach for guidance on how to set this up >