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Engaging New Members – 4 Top Tips From a TRP Retention Coach

Written by James Charles.

Re-think how you engage your new members with your club community to deliver exceptional experiences and build stronger relationships.


This month I was lucky enough to work with my colleague, and TRP Retention Coach, Craig McIntyre on our November webinar ‘Designing a New Member Journey’. In my role at TRP I get the opportunity to work with lots of great people, all incredibly knowledgeable in their given field – and more importantly passionate about sharing that knowledge to help others improve; whether that be colleagues, customers or the wider health and fitness industry.

Working with Craig to prepare the session, then facilitating his online delivery gave me a great opportunity to spend some quality time learning from him and his vast, ever-growing, experience of the health and fitness industry.

I learned so much, and my head is buzzing with ideas that I just have to share with you!


1. Welcome Session – Not Induction

As someone who has been a member of multiple gyms, this one really resonates with me!

The first real experience of life as a member of your club is often a lacklustre stroll around the gym floor pointing out sights such as ‘The Fire Escape’ and explaining how to use the treadmill.

All vital information. But you have an opportunity to give so much more!

Think about your new member welcome sessions from the customer’s point of view. Showcase your club to its full potential, create excitement and anticipation! There are lots of great things going on in your facility, show your new members what is happening and help them get involved.

Group exercise is a great starting point >


2. Know Your Members

The more your staff get to know your members, the more comfortable they will be in your facility, the greater the feeling of belonging to your club and the stronger the relationship to your brand and organisation.

Knowledge is power. Use it to deliver the personalised, timely, relevant touch points your members desire.

Research shows that members who receive interactions from both reception and gym floor staff are 48% less likely to cancel their membership than members who visit and receive no interaction at all.


3. Offer a Healthy Lifestyle

Many of the members who join you will be motivated by more than just physical fitness. In fact, our research shows that members in months 3 to 6 of membership are more likely to be motivated by improving their appearance than improving their fitness. It is, therefore, your role not just to facilitate an exercise regime, but to enable a complete healthy lifestyle.


4. Be Consistent

Arguably the most important piece of advice, whatever shape your customer experience offering takes. Every interaction a member has with your organisation – whether that be online, in reception or on the gym floor – should be recognisable as part of your overall offering.

Your member experience strategy should come from the top down and every individual in your team should understand their specific role in the delivery of a site-wide, even organisation-wide, vision.

Are your teams on the same page?

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