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Press Release – TRP Launches Customer Engagement Academy with State of the Industry Survey on Gym Member Engagement

Written by James Charles.

(Wednesday 7th March 2018)

Member engagement software providers, TRP have launched the Customer Engagement Academy (CEA).


Formed to provide health and fitness operators across the globe with valuable insight for learning and development in customer engagement, the Academy’s mission is to increase quality interactions between clubs and their members, improving customer experience and, ultimately, club success.

The Academy believes in the importance of a deep understanding based on real research carried out by experts in the field, quality member feedback and real-world examples of best practice.

Headed up by CEA Chairman, TRP General Manager, Mike Hills, supported by Associate Professor – Sport and Health Sciences at University of Exeter, TRP 10,000 Lead Researcher and Honorary President of the CEA, Dr Melvyn Hillsdon; the Academy will look to expand its Board with the addition of a selection of individuals leading the way in customer engagement within the industry, taking up the positions of Honorary Vice-Presidents over the coming months.

Mike Hills, CEA Chairman said: “We felt the industry was missing a resource like the CEA, so as experts in the field of customer engagement within health and fitness saw this as a gap we were (very happily) obliged to fill. We have got some really exciting plans for where we can take the CEA over the next few years, with the Member Engagement in the Global Health and Fitness Industry Survey and Report just the start.”

Honorary President of the CEA, Dr Melvyn Hillsdon said: “I’ve worked with TRP for coming up to 10 years now and for me this is a natural progression of the work we have been doing together in this time. I am very much looking forward to getting involved in this project and seeing the role the CEA can play in supporting customer-centric, forward-thinking operators to develop their service delivery for business success.”

The ‘Member Engagement in the Global Health and Fitness Industry Survey’, which will be an annually recurring initiative – measuring changes in customer engagement practices over time – is the flagship of the launch and will provide a snapshot of operators’ current customer engagement practices in 2018.

Mike Hills said: “This kind of survey is a great way of taking the pulse of where we currently stand as an industry to help inform the CEA’s focus for taking us where we need to go in the future. From our findings, we plan to write up a report which we will share via the Academy as well as using this insight to identify areas to focus on as we look to develop a bank of educational content for the CEA over the next 12 months and beyond. We would encourage as many operators as possible to take part to ensure as representative a picture as possible is painted – this is a survey by the industry, for the industry so the quality of the output will be dependent on the input we get from you and we are very grateful to everyone who takes part.”

Take Part!

Your first opportunity to get involved in the Customer Engagement Academy is via our ‘Member Engagement in the Global Health and Fitness Industry Survey’.

We would love to hear from you! All we need is your email address and location, and we will send the survey across to you within 48 hours. (TRP customers will be sent the survey directly [week commencing 12th March 2018] so do not need to register)

Register to Take Part