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Quick Sales Tip – Get Them to Commit to Something

Written by Megan Brown.

Suggestions for keeping things moving forward when a prospective member isn’t ready to sign up to a full membership on the spot.


So, your prospect is in front of you and you have shown them around the gym, talked to them about the wealth of great memberships you offer and explained how wonderful life will be when they join your club!  But…. they still seem a little skeptical and want to walk away to think about it…. This is the key point where you need to at least get them to put effort forward in one way or another.  Odds are if you let them walk away without a ’next step’ and don’t have their contact information you will never see them again.

Here are some examples of ‘commitments’ or ‘next steps’ to keep the momentum going in the right direction, that might seem less intimidating than signing up for a full membership on the spot:

  • Get them to join your mailing list so they start getting value from you right away through all of the great offers and information you share – discounts, exercise tips, nutrition articles; anything that shows your gym is something they need to be part of.
  • Offer a couple of free guest passes for them and a friend; turning 1 opportunity into a potential 2. Exercise is more fun with a friend and our research into 10,000 health and fitness club members showed 58.3% were highly motivated by the social aspect of attending their club.
  • Grab a class schedule and get them booked in. Group exercise has a real potential to get you hooked, in fact members who take part are 26% less likely to cancel.
  • Introduce them to multiple staff members to make them more comfortable in the surroundings of your club. The sooner they feel part of things the better.
  • Always schedule an appointment for them to come back and meet with a PT for a free workout; promoting additional spend and helping them to make another friend within the facility.
  • Get them to talk to some of your Raving Fans – maybe introduce them around the gym or go so far as having a contact list of members willing to share their love for your club.
  • Offer access to an exclusive 7-day trial that is only available to certain people. Make them feel special and have confidence in your offering that at the end of that period they’ll be sure to want to carry on as a full member.
  • Help them see how they could fit the gym into their lives and offer to review this again in person or over the phone regularly throughout their membership – this is a visualisation exercise that helps breakdown barriers and takes away some of the fear of commitment.

These are just a few ideas that will help potential members feel more comfortable in the gym and get them to truly see the sense of community and culture you are trying to create.

I would also recommend to always consider what it took to get that individual to summon the courage to finally walk through your doors. For some people, that alone may have been extremely difficult and intimidating. If they understand that you will be their advocate, their consultant, their friend, are truly there to help them and are committed to that with a passion, by simply being honest and showing them how impactful your facility could be, you will soon win them over.

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