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Reopening Your Club with TRP

Written by James Charles.

Discover how our software can support your club’s successful return to operation as you welcome back your members after months of enforced shutdown due to COVID-19.


Insight – Member Feedback Surveys 

Cleanliness and Social Distancing Surveys 

In the first few weeks after reopening your doors to your members their feedback on their feelings about their workout experience in the ‘new normal’, particularly after that first visit, and how it compared to their expectations is going to be like gold dust to you. 

You need that feedback quickly so that, in turn, you can make any necessary changes quickly. 

Within Insight, you can create an unlimited amount of surveys with an unlimited amount of questions. These surveys can be sent directly to your members via email or you can share a link to an online version on your website or social media pages. 

To save you time, we have created two new survey templates within Insight for you. A ‘Pre-Reopening Survey’ to gauge member feeling about returning to regular exercise with you and a ‘Post-Reopening First Visit Survey’ to allow you to gather invaluable feedback on perceptions of your implementation of the new cleanliness, hygiene, and social distancing measures. 

COVID-19 Tag Groups 

The ‘Tags’ and ‘Tag Groups’ text analytics functionality within Insight is worth its weight in gold. 

It allows you to set keywords you want to track and assign them to high-level groups or departments – e.g. staff, cleanliness, social distancing – and then when a response is submitted by a member that includes one of those keywords it is flagged and records a mention – positive, negative, or neutral – against that tag group. 

This allows you to quickly and easily see which areas of your business are doing well in the eyes of your members and which areas might need some attention. 

We would highly recommend adding yourself in some COVID-19 specific tags and tag groups ready for reopening – such as ‘Social Distancing and ‘Cleanliness/Hygiene – as these will be vital areas of your operation to be tracking closely. 

You will then be able to make informed decisions in a timely manner, without spending hours digging through data, which could be the difference between members staying with you or handing in their notice. 

End of Shift Reports 

Another interesting use case you may want to explore using Insight for is end of shift reports. 

If your duty managers are currently writing up their reports at the end of each day using pen and paper or Microsoft Word, why not make life easier for you both by creating a Static Survey in Insight which asks all the questions in those reports for completion online. 

A Static Survey is a questionnaire hosted online which can be accessed by anyone who has the link. The same survey could be used by duty managers across your sites. All they need to do is bookmark the link and navigate to it on the club PC or their mobile phone at the end of each day, fill it out, and submit it and it will be stored in the Questionnaire Results section of the software for your review and as a historical record for future reference. You can ask open-ended questions with text-box answers or yes/no questions using radio buttons. 

Learn More About Insight > 


Digital – Intelligent Automated Email and SMS 

Re-Engage Non-Attending Members 

Although multiple sources of research have cited that most members are keen and willing to return to your facilities as soon as possibleinevitably, a segment of your membership base may not feel so comfortable returning to exercise with you straight away. With Digital, you can quickly and easily identify these members, filtering by days since last visit, and engage with them directly to try to alleviate their fears, by showing them the measures you have taken, and start a conversation that brings them closer and closer towards a return. 

Stay Engaged with OnlineOnly Members 

Whether you were ready or not back in MarchCOVID-19 has fast-tracked the development of your online/virtual offering – which looks like it is here to stay. Some members, maybe those identified earlier as having not returned to your club straight away, will be looking to exclusively utilise your online content and many others will want the best of both worlds, now they’ve got a taste. What is important for these groups, particularly the former who aren’t regularly visiting, is ensuring they still feel part of your club community. 

Email and SMS communication is key here. 

Using Digital’s ‘Membership Type’ filter, you can send tailored messages to your new online-only and joint online-and-in-club membership groups that are different from what those who are in-club only members are receiving; ensuring all your different membership groups are only receiving the content that is relevant to them. 

Learn More About Digital > 


Interact – Manage and Measure Gym-Floor Staff Engagement 

First Impressions Count 

It feels like the world has reset over the past 4 months – it has certainly changed. Your gym may be unrecognisable from what it was in February and to your members it will probably feel like they are visiting a new club for the first time. Just like their initial supermarket visit after the introduction of social distancing measures, their anxiety levels are likely to be high as they venture into the unknown; many particularly concerned about the risk of catching the virus by entering a high-touch indoor public space. 

It is important that you and your staff acknowledge these feelings and treat your visitors accordinglyputting them at ease. What an opportunity this is to make a great first impression with the hundreds, maybe thousands, of paying customers who come through your doors in your opening weeks. 

And what better way to do this than greeting them by their name. It’s simple, but my it is effective! 

Can you imagine the first words one of your members hears when they walk through the door being ‘’Welcome back Jayne, we’ve missed you!’’ Wow! What a way to make Jayne feel at home, reduce her anxiety, and make her feel comfortable. 

The Interact ‘Who’s In Page’ – pulling data from membership card swipes via your management system; updating every 60 seconds – gives you and your staff the intel you need to make this magical experience happen; showing you each members’ photograph and name so you can put a name to every face you see. 

Whilst first impressions count, you’ll quickly undo all your good work if on subsequent visits there is suddenly no engagement again. Take this time to think about how Interact can help you to continue to deliver great experiences and exceed expectations on an ongoing basis, not just on the first visit. 

Every visit presents you with an opportunity to delight or disappoint. 

Cleanliness and Social Distancing Interaction Type 

Whilst you don’t want to be constantly nagging your members about their hygiene practices and adherence to social distancing, it may be beneficial to add an interaction type to Interact which reminds your staff to check customers are aware of, understand, and are comfortable with your new guidelines in their first few visits back. 

Because Interact allows you to record individual interactions with individual members in their own interaction history, you can confidently ensure a member isn’t bothered with the same conversation on every visit because any member of staff can quickly and easily see whether that member has already been spoken to on previous visit. 

At a management level, recording these interactions in the system will also give you evidence to show that you are taking these new measures seriously and are actively ensuring your members are aware of what is expected of them. 

Learn More About Interact > 

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