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Seasonal Slump or Sign of Things to Come?

Written By James Charles

How do you re-engage your members after a long summer break and get them back into their routine of regular exercise at your club?


With Summer now, ironically, in the Autumn of its life, the northern hemisphere will very soon be starting to think about getting back to the normality of school, work and whatever else their daily lives entail.

But, whilst those two activities are a given, a member’s return to their regular exercise routine at your club after a summer break spent relaxing in the garden, playing in the park or walking sandy beaches is far from guaranteed.

Whether a member has completely stopped attending over the summer months, paused their membership for their annual summer holiday/vacation (yet to return to your club) or just aren’t visiting as regularly as they were in the spring you need to make sure that this is just a seasonal blip and not a slippery slope towards membership cancellation.

Research shows that members who make at least 1 visit in a given month are 20% less likely to cancel their membership than members who don’t make a visit in a given month.

In order to get them re-engaged, you need to ensure you are delivering the experience your members desire and that you are effectively communicating the value of your offering and how it enhances their everyday lives.

Re-Engage Your Members

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