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Social Media – Leveraging Local Businesses to Access New Audiences

How engaging with local companies can quickly put you in front of new audiences.


At the end of last week we, along with a wide range of other businesses based in our local area, were tweeted by a new restaurant which has just opened up in the city centre.

I instantly replied, inquisitive to what said goodies might look like, as I knew the team would be pleased with a tasty midweek surprise.

Later that day there was a knock at the door. I duly answered and it was a young woman from the restaurant. She came in enthusiastically and handed me an empty branded box. My challenge was to Tweet a picture of the empty box, wander down to the restaurant, fill it (for free) with some of their famous chicken wings, then Tweet another picture of my treat!

There was a clear strategic decision by the restaurant to target local businesses. To engage a ‘Business to Business (B2B)’ market who visit the city every day, whilst at the same time quickly getting in front of an established audience of potentially thousands of local consumers following those businesses on social media by asking them to Tweet. All for the cost of just a few chicken wings. I really admired the thinking behind the idea and believe it could be applied in the health and fitness industry too.

Something as simple as a 5-minute on-site morning exercise class delivered by one of your group exercise instructors would give a great insight into your club, really engage a business and generate great social media content for them to share with their followers.

Here are my takeaways (pardon the pun) for what you should consider before applying the concept to your business.

  • Think about who you are engaging with. If your primary goal is to access a company’s end users, focus your targeting on businesses with a local Business to Consumer (B2C) customer base. To see results you’ll need to be getting in front of people who are geographically potential customers.
  • Keep it relevant to your business. Something which relates to your offering and is true to your brand.
  • Make it memorable and spectacular. A Tweet-worthy talking point that brands want to be associated with.
  • Don’t overlook the corporate benefits. Although the primary goal of this type of activity is to get in front of the businesses’ customers and followers, the employees themselves are potential members too.

How Are You Engaging Local Businesses?

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