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The Business Case for Love (Part 1) – The Six Key Behaviours of Successful Companies

Written by James Charles.

At the start of the month, I headed to London for a ‘Business Case for Love’ Breakfast Meeting with thecompanyspirit founder, Marc Cox. I had come across Marc a few weeks previous via an article he had written on LinkedIn about the demise of retail giants Toys ‘R’ Us and Maplin, proposing that rather than external environmental economic factors being to blame for their downfall it, in fact, may have been due to their leadership teams neglecting to prioritise delivering a good customer experience. Think about your visits to these stores in recent years – they hardly stand out.

At the event, Marc introduced to the group of marketers, consultants and senior execs who had gathered to discuss the topic of customer experience with him 2 frameworks. In this blog post we will share with you the first, ‘The Six Key Behaviours of Successful Companies’ – providing an overview of the second ‘The Love Grid’ in next month’s blog post.


The Six Key Behaviours of Successful Companies

1. Ensure Image and Experience Match

Put simply, this means do what you say you are going to do. Create an image for your brand which you are confident you can live up to and don’t make promises you can’t fulfill. If you under-deliver, you’ll only end up leaving a sour taste in members’ mouths. In today’s access-all-areas, internet climate there’s no hiding place – if you are all style and no substance you will be found out!

2. Always Inside the Heads of Members
Keep your finger on the pulse of member satisfaction so that you can react and make effective decisions in a timely manner before things spiral out of control or your members walk out and leave to find the experience they desire somewhere else with someone who is willing to listen.

TRP’s Insight member feedback software is a great, systematic way of managing this at scale.

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3. Brave Yet Disciplined
Be confident and courageous and push the boundaries whilst at the same time ensuring you stay true to your company values, vision and what your members expect from you. Be creative and have new ideas but ensure these are thought through before you act and that they align with the wider plan and the overall image you are creating for your business.

4. Constantly Innovating
If you are not innovating you are standing still, and if you are standing still you are actually moving backwards; as the demands, needs and wants of your members change and competitors bring in fresh, new, engaging experiences to meet these – leaving you in their wake as they zoom past in the outside lane!

5. Consistently Creating Memorable Member Experiences
Don’t switch off. It is undoubtedly a challenge, particularly for larger operators with sites across a country, continent or even the world, but you need to aim to ensure every touch point, online and offline, digital and traditional, in-club and out, is consistent – contributing towards an overall memorable member experience.

6. Strong Alignment Between Your Employees and Your Business
Does employee culture support organisational vision? Is everyone on the same page and are they being supported to achieve? Are individuals given the opportunity to bring their personality into their work and drive their passions onto the agenda? A strong and stable team can only be good for business and very often has a direct impact on the experiences of your members.


Keep an eye out for our next blog post for the second instalment in this Business Case for Love mini-series, where we’ll take you through ‘The Love Grid’ – a tool for assessing where your member experience is based on your company behaviours.

How Do You Stack Up?

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