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Does What Motivates a Member and Their Recent Progress Towards That Goal Affect Their Net Promoter Score® (NPS®)?

This whitepaper answers the following questions: What motivates members and how much progress do they perceive they are making towards their goals? Do members feel they are making the progress towards their goals they expected they would? Does making progress towards a goal increase member loyalty, as measured by NPS®?...

2018 CEA Member Engagement in the Global Health and Fitness Industry Survey Report

This report contains the findings from the Customer Engagement Academy's (CEA) April 2018 survey into how health and fitness club operators engage with their members and covers the following areas: The industry's understanding of member engagement and how important it is seen to be. How operators are currently engaging with members, with a specific focus on social media and email. How operators are measuring the effectiveness of their engagement with members. The future of member engagement and operators' plans for 2019...

How Do The Activities Members Usually Take Part In and How Often They Attend Affect Loyalty?

This whitepaper answers the following questions: Which activities do members usually take part in when they visit their clubs by gender, age group, and length of membership? How does a member's participation in specific activities and how often they visit affect loyalty (as measured by Net Promoter Score®)? What can you do to increase the number of loyal Promoters in your club?...