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Customer Engagement Academy

Customer Engagement Academy Logo

The Customer Engagement Academy (CEA) exists to provide the global health and fitness industry with a go-to, robust, reliable resource for learning and development in customer engagement. Our ultimate goal is to help support operators to provide their members with exceptional club experiences which lead to business success. The Academy believes in the importance of operators developing a deep understanding of customer engagement based on real research carried out by experts in the field, quality member feedback and real-world examples of best practice.

Why is Customer Engagement So Important?

TRP's research over the past 4 years has shown us that engaging with members is incredibly important to an operator's success.

30% of members fail to visit their club in each of their first 3 months of membership

TRP 10,000 - October 2015

Compared to not making a visit in a given month, making at least one visit reduces the risk of cancelling in the next month by 20%

TRP 10,000 - October 2015

Compared to members who say they are always spoken to by reception staff, members who are never spoken to cancel at a rate 2.8 times higher, equating to an extra 21 cancelled memberships each month for every 1,000 members

TRP 10,000 - June 2015

58% of members report being highly motivated by the social aspect of attending the gym

TRP 10,000 - July 2014

For each factor that members report they have made progress on, the risk of cancelling during the 7 months after answering the question reduces by 10%

TRP 10,000 - July 2014

Compared to members who did not make a friend, those who did were 40% less likely to cancel their membership

TRP 10,000 - July 2014

Almost 9 in 10 members say they value fitness staff speaking to them

TRP 10,000 - May 2014

Where a negative club experience is present, receiving two channels of communication is shown to overcome the detrimental effect on the chances of being a Promoter

TRP 10,000 - November 2017

Educational Resources

One of the founding principles of the CEA is a belief that in order to be successful, operators must continuously seek opportunities to learn and develop; reacting to an ever changing health and fitness environment to stay at the top of their game. The CEA blog and research repository exist to help meet this need and provide quality resources, robust research and actionable tips, ideas and examples of best practice for your continued professional development.


Check out the CEA blog to discover our tips for delivering exceptional member experiences which create raving fans of your business. A quick and easy read, these snappy little posts are bursting with great ideas to implement in your club!

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Industry-leading research into the relationship between member behaviour, characteristics and club experience and loyalty for you to learn from and apply in your club. Available to download completely free of charge!

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New CEA Research Launch Webinar!

Discover the interaction between what members do when they visit their club, how often they visit and their loyalty (as Measured by Net Promoter Score®)

Tuesday 5th June 2018

Join Customer Engagement Academy Honorary President and TRP Lead Researcher, Dr Melvyn Hillsdon for this FREE 30-minute online session to hear the latest research from our ongoing partnership first! All attendees will receive a copy of the written report following the session, 1 week before it is made publicly available online.

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Mike Hills

Mike Hills

Dr Melvyn Hillsdon

Dr Melvyn Hillsdon

Honorary President
Customer Engagement Academy Board

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Honorary Vice-Presidents

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Watch This Space! Launching in March 2018, the CEA is still in its infancy – more exciting developments are on their way in the coming months! TRP customers, in particular, will be rewarded for their wait...