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Actionable Member Feedback

Invaluable feedback from your most important stakeholder group, to inform effective business decisions and drive referrals.

Customer comments, views, opinions and feedback are like gold dust to your business; taking the guess-work out of your service delivery strategy. Our complete member feedback system gives you a flow of timely insight so you are always one step ahead of the game.

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With globally recognised loyalty measure Net Promoter Score®, you can collect member feedback and gauge loyalty with just one question which takes seconds to answer.

Informed Business Decisions

Collect the feedback you need to confidently make key business decisions and investments to deliver the club experience your members desire.

Raving Fans and Referrals

Share comments from your brand advocates with the world via your company social media channels in just a few clicks. Empower your members to easily do the same to their followers to reach new audiences.

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Actionable Member Feedback

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